So my bf Elijah and I were at the library and they have a loft. You can go up there and read, lay on the beanbags or chairs and couches, drink coffee ect. Well we were the only ones up there. I randomly got h**** as f***. I put my book down and sat next to him. I slid my hands under his shirt and started kissing his neck. He looked at me and put his book down. He laid me down and we made out. I out my hand down his pants and grabbed his huge c***. He pulled my pants down to my knees and ate me out. He finger f***** me. It was hard not to moan loud cause it felt so good.
I sucked him until he was hard then he f***** me from behind doggy style. He laid down and I mounted him. He f***** me so hard. I was dripping wet and he was b**** deep into me. 10 inches deep. He rammed into me and I wanted to scream and moan but I had to be quiet. We stood up and he f***** me against the wall. On the couch he finger f***** me again. I laid on the beanbags and he slid his c*** in and out of my p****.
Once we were done and clothed again we went back to the books for school. But still both h****, he finger f***** me while studying. How he got work done idk. I sure as h*** couldn't. He's so good that he sends shutters threw me.

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  • You might want to study more instead since there is a difference between "through" and "threw".

  • At our private college--it is an old building--we have private study rooms with walls, doors and frosted glass. This type of stuff happens all the time; it's no secret at all among the students.

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