bad sister

when i was 17 my sister met her future husband from the moment i met him i was attracted and so was he , over a period of 5 years we saw each other and had s** , we both called each other best friends -- it started with him brushing my hair after having a shower then moved on to more intimate stuff -- i will always treasure what we had together - even his and my family used to say to him you married the wrong sister-- but now he truly is my beat friend

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  • I went with my wife's sister first. I was into getting b*******, twice i almost knocked up girls with benifits and condoms didn't fit. She said she doesn't do that but her sister will, likes doing it for good looking guys who are not locals. She sorta likes mocking her sitster and bj blind date gives her more ammo. I figure she'll be the ugly sister but turns out she was the prom queen. She tells me she likes doing it on this neary by trail with a scenic view. Was the best bj ever. She becomes my b****** queen for a year. I figure wrongly her to be a virgin. At a party an older guy she works with and her go missing. I snoop around and he's f****** her in a spare room. I take her out on a reguarl date. We go back to my place and have s** for 3 days. I have to thank her mocking sister and the old who f***** her. She doing it like a s** maniac.

  • I know what you mean my friend

  • Don't mess with him.

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