When I started dating this woman, I was

When I started dating this woman, I was my own person. Now I go out of my way to make her happy, I make myself unhappy for her benefit, and I'm not a very happy person anymore. Just trying to let all you guys and gals who keep begging for a relationship know what you'll be getting into. In relationships all they will want to do is crush your soul a little at a time, you'll want to leave but you don't want them to be unhappy, so you'll stay. So chase after those loves boys and girls, you'll be glad you did after a few years.

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  • ^ I wrote that comment, and I was trying to point out the fact that the poster seems like he took WAY too much bullshit from his girl before standing up for himself, which, as you can see, turned him into a bitter person! I am not blaming him for how he was treated, I am blaming him for not stepping up and saying, hey f*** you, I deserve better! Now, he seems to wanna give up on all relationships, and that is ridiculous! Not all relationships are the way he described. As a grown person, you should know hwat you want, and how you want to be treated, and anything less, you should stand up for yourself, and get out of the relationship right away! I was trying to help, and give some real advice! So, f*** you very much!

  • ^^Agree is this a****** (I use a****** because it is not narrow minded, anyone can be one.) trying to judge or help the commentor? Look, you know the score, and I'm sure its gonna be painful, but break it off.

  • ^just shut the h*** up.

  • It is very narrow-minded of you to say that your experience is waht all relationships are like, because that is totally wrong. You got taken advantage of, yes, but you should be the one to stand up for yourself. Relationships are supposed to be like a 50-50 kinda thing, in your case it was 100-0. Did you not recognize what was going on sooner? In a relationship, both people are supposed to bend a little for their partner (that is called compromise), but it is your own damn fault that you didn't put a stop to this sooner!

  • I'm in the same boat, dude. It is partly our fault. We depend on the other's happiness to make ourselves feel happy, and it shouldn't be that way. Do you all live together?

  • It's not about giving up everything for the other person and making yourself miserable, it should be about finding common ground and common interests. If the other person is inflexible then they don't truly care about you.

  • Geez man, what the h*** did you start dating?

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