i dont know where to start it was a

i dont know where to start it was a very buisy day when all guests hade left me mysister and girl friend were all that would be in the house all that night. we were drinking and cleaning up after the party and almost right away my girl friend was out cold in the bed room. me and my sister finished up and sat down in the living room to have one last drink for the night.she had thi look about her and then i realized i was 3/4 erect and sticking out of my shorts i quickly concealed it she didn't say a word about the mishap. we finishedour drink and she layed down on the couch in front of me. she is several years younger than me and verry nice looking. i dont remember how it started but before i knew it i was rubbing her backshe felt and smelled so nice and just layed their. i dont know what i was thinking when i undid her braw and started caressing her brest. from their i imeditly had a hand down her shorts a inserted a finger in her and began massaging her c***.shortly after i had her shorts off and was between her legs fully in her she didnt say a word she just seemed to open up forme , wow its hardto explane but it felt incredible. i had to pull out real quick when i thought i heard my girl friend wake. false alarm she was only tossing and turning. so i went back to the other room and easedback in her. wow. i dont know why bet i didnt pump her i just was their fully erect and all theway in her. it just felt so good i started to feel the urge to c** but i didnt move or pull it out a bit just remined still and let it throb. then all of a sudden i could not hold back any longer and as i started to c** w/o moving she opened her eyesleaned up looked down at her and meall theway in then layed back and closed her eyes again it was so incredible i know i let go of a big load. after a few minutes i pulled out and stood up she just layed their all spread with her knees bent. all i could think was wow wow. i went to go lay down my c*** was so hard and felt so thick. after afew minutes i was out their and in her again this time i went to working my c*** in and out of her.i f***** her all night and came in her six times her little p**** wasfull of c**. i later found out it was her first time. i went to the bed room cause the sun was coming up and did not want to make my girl friend suspicious. i must have fallen a a sleep wen i woke up girlfriend all ready left for work and my sister had allready left too. we have not hade the chance to be alone since. but when she looks at me i can tell that it was great for her too, her first real c*** really put to her. i want her again so bad it was incredible i cant stop thinking about howgreat she felt. and am sure she would not turn down my c*** if opertunity to give it to her again arouse. she just talks to me differently now. we never mention a word about that night but i can tell by her over all language she enjoyed her sleep over. cant stop think about putting it to my little sister again. wow it was so great it just wow...dont know what else to say.

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  • this guy sucks donkey d*** at typing

  • u just "eased" into a virgin????



  • dream on, w*****!

  • This is Bullshit.

    Your grammar and spelling makes me almost a disgusted as reading your sick incest fantasy.

    Kill yourself, please.

  • I should get my sister drunk so i can f*** her.

  • I hate these stupid BS people who come here and write these stupid lying confessions

  • How often are people lie about this s***?

  • Penthouse Letters wants to hear from you.

  • welp...thats a little f***** up but at least u enjoyed it. it almost sounds too good to be true

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