I broke up with my ex about a little

I broke up with my ex about a little over a year ago. Just because I needed a break for a little bit, to enjoy singleness for a little bit. Didn't mean I didn't love him. I've just never really been single since 8th grade ish. He said he wouldn't get a girlfriend and would just wait for me. It didn't take him that long to get a girlfriend- and then he started acting like a j*** to me. Half a year after the break up or so, I was like, hey, maybe we can get back together sometime. And he was like, yeah, i love you, the only person i want to be with is you. I'll call you. Nevre called. I'd call him, he'd never call back. He just says all these things and never goes through with them. He just likes the attention, likes having control. I don't need to give him that control anymore. I've been trying to get over him. It's hard though, because I honestly thought he and I were meant to be. But I haven't talked to him in months, mainly because I have too much s*** to do other than worry about him. But when I think about him, and her, and everything, I just get so sick. And so I avoid it. At times, I try to come to grips with it, but it's a slow process. Last night, he sent me a message when he heard about my pet dying. He said he was sorry about what happened, and it was a nice gesture. I read it. I deleted it. I feel kinda guilty about it. I mean he was just trying to be nice, but..
if I talk to him, or give him an opening to get into my life, he might take advantage of that.. He takes advantage of everything. I don't want him in my life anymore. He will be the death of me. I'm trying to move on. I know he was trying to be nice, and I read it and thought it was nice of him, but I don't NEED to reply. I know what's best for me, and it's not a liar and a user. F*** you.

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  • The first comment is right. How can you be mad now if you are the one who initiated the "break?" I mean, how long did you expect him to wait for you to be ready? I know it sucks now, because after having your break, you finally realized what you had, but hey, maybe next time, when you have something good, you will hold on tighter. Being single sucks for the most part, and now I guess you get it right?

  • I agree with the first commenter. Not that you are an idiot but that you are to blame for this. From what you say it doesn't sound like he did anything to make you want a break. Just curious though what did you do while you were away from him?

  • You shouldn't be mad at him. You need to be mad at yourself. You are the idiot here. Not him. You said you needed a break, to enjoy singleness. So what did enjoying singleness mean? Did you want to sleep with other guys or what? If you truly felt like you were supposed to be with him then why even take a break to "enjoy singleness" You let your mind fool you into loosing your man. And six months is not a break. That's a breakup. Honestly, me being a guy, if my woman told me that garbage I'd find someone else too. Taking a week off, Ok. Taking two weeks, Ok. Even a month maybe, but six months. So now you just set him up nicely with another woman and you are left struggling to get over him. Learn from this mistake and realize when you find someone good, that you love don't ever let go.

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