Looking for a gay lover (25-55)

Hi I am an older guy and live alone and would enjoy a gay lover to enjoy nice times together and some gay love everyday. I also would enjoy someone who wears nylon ** and bras and maybe likes to use tampons and maxi pads in his ** and loves to go out for supper and maybe a movie and enjoy each other at home making love. would like someone to be clean shaven and have a nice and ** love hole and also maybe enjoys enemas as I am very experienced at. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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  • None of our fore fathers heard about you and your pathetic race. Where the fuc k you people came from, just die

  • Shut up with your views just because nobody loves you . Idiot

  • Hi, I am Joanne & would love to talk with you. Please feel free to contact me

  • Hi I am very interested in communicating with you and email me at legg.r034@aol.com

  • I'm switch so if you're looking for short term we can "date".
    And no matter how much experienced you are I'm sure I will surprise you with my new skills.

  • I'm 31, 5'10, workout so slim body but with muscles, dark olive skin. My ex gf was a Dom, she made me dress as a woman, often in just bra and ** at home, she ** me regularly with a ** and made me have ** with guys. I even once had a gay ** in a park at night just wearing a bra and **. Since we split I can't have normal relationships with women, so have since been ** shemales and guys. I have more women's clothes than men's. I'm available for all sorts. Tell me about yourself.

  • Hi Thanks for your message and i am very interested in having a gay lover for
    gay love and ** and both to wear nylon bikini ** and bras , hose and maybe short skirts and also do enemas with each other. I do like ** and oral **, foreplay and frenchkissing and giving each other enemas and also have ** ** alot. email me at legg.r034@aol.com or call me at 618-375-3361. Have a great day Pantydresser

  • I might be interested depending on where you are located or will to move, I am a total bottom and wear ** 24/7 smooth head to toe. Let me know. I am 59 and single 5'7 and 150 lbs

  • Good afternoon I am located in Olney,Illinois and glad you wear **. Would you be willing to ** me as I can't use my ** right now and I also wear ** 24/7. Let me know your thoughts.

  • How do I contact you?

  • Disgusting ** **.
    Keep yourself and your perversions to yourself.
    I hope you get aids and die you **.

  • I wanna fight

  • You are just jealous cause nobody wants you.

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