People think my life is awesome. Nice house, cute baby, good husband...

What they don't know is..

My husband hasn't ever been entirely faithful.

We are so broke...

My husband often makes me feel like s***.

I'm not in love with him anymore...but I AM trying to be..for the sake of our child.

I feel like I'm on an island.

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  • Sounds like m y family

  • Hmm. First sorry to hear that. Not faithful. Broke. He is not holding up his end of the deal. But what to do. I would certainly understand you looking for another partner.

    I like what the previous poster said.

  • You have 3 options:

    1. Go to counselling. I've been and it helps. It takes time. Your husband doesn't HAVE to go but if he knows you are going without him he will be more inclined to attend.

    2. Find someone similar in your situation and get the love you need elsewhere. This will make you feel better while still being able to be married for the sake of your kid.

    3. Leave. It will be difficult but better in the long run. The key here is that if your husband is not willing to change he never will. In the long run it will be better for your child because you don't want he/she growing up in a house where they learn that dad treats mom like s*** and mom feels bad about herself.

  • For the sake of the kids. Love him too. All the best.

  • I wish I could plausibly tell you that "trying" to love someone will lead to your loving them, or to their loving you, but it doesn't. You shouldn't be married to someone who has proven over time that he doesn't -- and can't -- make you feel better about yourself and about the world. You have to decide if the "relationship" you have, to whatever extent it can be called on, is enough and whether or not your unhappiness (if that's what you believe it is) will adversely affect your children. I'm not encouraging divorce, but am encouraging that you take an honest, clear look at where you are and who you're with and than decide what's best for you. I hope you find it. Be well......

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