I have been cheating on my husband when I am in another state visiting family, with my ex. To make it even worse...its the best. s**. EVER. I don't know how im going to go back to sleeping with my husband when I am still so much in love with my ex...

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  • s*** mama you are.....

  • W****!!!!!

  • Love, lol. Pleases, it's just s** with your ex. He screws you and sends you on your way. Doesn't have to deal with you. Guys say lots of things to get down your pants. It's meaningless s**..that's all it is. It's not love. There's a reason why that relationship ended and why you're trying to fill a void in your current relationship. The void is actually you. You don't find love by cheating and being deceitful. Instead you find a handful more problems then what you had before. You should do your husband a favor and file for divorce, so that he can find a woman who is honest and faithful.

  • I was in love with my husband. and i still love him..i just dont know im in IN love with him at this point..

  • You probably shouldn't have married someone you weren't in love with.

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