Humiliating but arousing

I swim at my friend Gloria's house almost every Sunday afternoon. They have a cabana near the pool and I change into my bathing suit and shower before getting dressed again. Its a large room with a sink, toilet and open shower at the end and rear of the cabana, which has a bar with a tv and lounge chairs. It was about 8 months ago when I noticed that her brother was peeking in at me while I was in the shower. The shower room walls are wide boards and I could see his eye in one of the gaps between the boards in the back wall. I was freaked out at first but at the same time aroused knowing he saw me naked. I never noticed before but there are four gaps in the back wall and I don't even know how many times he has done that before. Greg is younger than me and since then I also know that at least three of his friends have also been watching me on Sundays I am there. Even though I'm embarrassed that the boys see me naked I am turned on at the same time. When I'm sure Greg is watching me even when one or more of the other boys are also I began masturbating. As humiliating as that is I am so aroused knowing they can see me I o***** many times. While I am showering and masturbating, for some reason I'm not embarrassed but as soon as I am dressed and see Greg and the boys outside I am. When I talk to the boys I feel myself even blushing sometimes and avoid talking to them often. In the shower I'm at ease with them seeing me naked but when outside seeing and talking to them I am humiliated by what I have done. Since I found out they are peeking in at me I m********* often thinking about it and hardly ever miss going there on Sundays. Greg always has one or two of his friends there and its is very obvious now they know about the time I am ready to go home. All the sudden they disappear and I know they are in back of the cabana waiting for me to go into the shower room. Gloria has told me many times that her brother thinks I am pretty but I'm sure he never tells her how he and his friends are watching me in the shower room. It excites me when I know they see me naked and watch me m********* yet afterwards I am humiliated by it. As much as I am embarrassed when I see them outside I continue doing the same thing every time I am there.

Mar 7, 2015

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  • Now that would turn me on to and I would b doiing the same watching u

  • !Yeah! I remember playing those strip games as a teenager. The best part of loosing, was that it took time to win your clothes back. Mine while you had to sit there stark naked with boys looking at me. It was a great excuse to see boys without their clothes on with their penises pointing towards the ceiling. They just could keep it down.

  • Ah to be a teen again. I recall playing strip card games and the looser would have to stand on the coffee table nude. Humiliating at the time and sometimes arousing later. When you get older for some reason one does not engage in this sort of thing any longer. We oldies get boring.

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