I go to the pool just to see younger guys naked in the lockers

So I'm kind of an exhibitionist, ever since high school I've enjoyed other people seeing me naked and vice versa. I missed that when I graduated and started college, so I started going to the university gym in my sophomore year for a similar experience (it was kind of a twofer, since I got fit and got to see hot college guys naked). Long story short, I also started going to one of the local public pools in the summers as well. I recently discovered that the pool I go to is used by one of the local high schools for swim team practice, and I've started making a point of going while that's happening and then hanging out so I get to see the high school guys naked in the locker room and shower. Seeing them turns me on a lot, I almost always have an erection in the shower and sometimes I j*** off in one of the changing stalls. So that's my confession.

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  • When I was 6 I saw a older man regularly at the swim pool. One day he offered me $5 to play games with him in the shower. He would have me was him and he would was me. After this went for a wile. He asked to come to his house to play games. There he tied me up, took pictures of me, and put a d**** in me. He also let his friends play with me. The would call me names, spit on me and pee on me. At the end of the day he would have me shower and take me back to the pool before my parents came to pick me up

  • Walk around naked, so the high school boys see your d*** and b****. You might actually be helping some of them come to terms with their sexual orientation. Some will think you are a f***** but others may be attracted.
    Play with your d*** a bit in front of them...not too much, so if someone is offended you can pretend you are just scratching an itch or something, but finger your d*** and make sure some boys see you do it. If you pick some younger shy guys it will work even better. Why not live out your dream. Everyone has secret desires. When you go to the locker rooms, sit on a bench at the end of an aisle with your legs spread wide totally naked and where all the boys passing can clearly see you.

  • I go to a gym and it’s unbelievable how thick and long some are compared to mine. It makes me think what if they got work my wife after her being used to my size

  • I would say wait until everyone is in the shower. If they see you with a h****** then they will know what you are thinking.

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