Friends with Benefits

A close friend of mine kept asking me to have s** with him. Of course, I always say "No". After a year, because of a deal, We had s**. During our s**, i really can't imagine how'd it happen, i mean is this really going on? We were so close. I almost consider him as my bestfriend but what the h*** just happened? After that "s**", days after, he asked me again to have s** with. I told him no, i need have to study my lessons. He kept on asking me again until we had our second s**, two weeks after our 1st s**. And this time i told him that I will never dothis again realizing that we are friends, yet we are doing like this. Im afraid to get pregnant and also afraid to fall in love with him and his not feeling the same cause maybe he'll think that im just his s** partner. But everytime i told him that i will never do s** with you again he kept on saying, "No, it can't be." What should I do???? :( :'(

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  • Continue having s** with him for you get enjoyment out of the deal as well. soon you'll be having him over every night

  • He is using you for s**, the big question is; are you using him for the same? he will not love you, he will probably never day and romance you. Just use you as his c** dump. if you get pregnant, he would not care, you would be as in todays society a "baby mama". The biggest question in this, why would you let some guy c** in you? have s** at all with out a condom? you are familiar with diseases I hope.
    If you fall in love with him;;; he has you where he wants you. Willing to do anything to make him happy. Including carry a baby or an STD

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