Im obsessed with cheating its so exciting and wrong

I am a Marine and its been h****** my relationship with my fiancé since we dont get to see eachother much anymore i cheated on her once i told her about it because i felt terrible for it but i liked it alot it was so exciting and such a rush i want to do it again so bad!

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  • Great idea! I'm sure there's some lovely lady out there who'd just love to hook up with some grunting meathead who can't navigate a keyboard. Just make sure your dependapotamus-to-be doesn't find out about this newest disobedience.

  • I'll bet you'll be p***** when Jodie pays a call to your fiancé though. Show some integrity s**tbird

  • I cheat on my wife whenever I can without getting caught. I totally agree with you--it is very exciting and the best s** ever because it is so wrong. I have no problems with cheating--I think it is normal behavior for men. Just realize you'll have h*** to pay if you get caught. And a buddy of mine who did get caught says it's not if, but when....

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