I lied about my age

I'll call the other person bob. Me and Bob met online and we've built a really really close relationship, we tell eachother everything. We really have a special bond, we read eachother perfectly, we have the same humour, we have the same opinion on everything without even knowing and we can just talk for hours and hours and i never think i'll be able to find anyone like that and Bob feels the same way. This has been around 2-3months and the reason is why this is so hard for me is because we've created such a strong strong personal and close loving bond in such short time. Bob and I were planning on seeing eachother but i always make an excuse. Bob knows everything about me and i know everything about bob. The only problem is that i lied about my age from the beginning and I dont know what to do now. It's too late for me to just come forward normally about it and i really don't know what to do. Bob is three years older than me and thinks we're the same age. We both tell eachother about how we think we'll never find anyone else like eachother and this is for real. I need a way of telling Bob I cant talk to Bob anymore because i cant do it on my own and between all the friends and family i have i dont want to talk to them about it. I need help with getting more distant with Bob because I cant do it anymore and i dont want Bob looking dumb anymore. Help me with what i can do

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  • If your relationship is strong as you say it is talk to him ans tell him the he are not going to be mad it's not a big deal. do not break that beautiful relationship it's not common have a friend like him. I hope you make a good decision.

  • Yeahhhhhhh why is three years an issue here? Unless you're underage this is no big f'ucking deal. Calm down.

  • Teenage idiots refuse to calm down. They need drama more than they need oxygen, especially the girls. Of course "Bob" is The One and is going to love her the way no one else ever could, so any sensibility you offer is completely ignored, you foolish old person.

    Wait a couple of years until she becomes a professional rape victim. It'll be much less "only HE understands meeeee" and more "poor little me, he used me up and threw me away." Either way, OP gets the drama she desperately needs to "live."

  • Tell him the truth.Are you under age, is that why you're apprehensive,about telling him your age?

  • Uhhh, ya THINK??

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