The monster game

Total fantasy......

I'm 25 and the girls I baby sat are 4 and 5, I'm male btw. But anyways we used to play the monster game, I would chase them around the house saying, rawr! I would pick them up and Tickle them then they would break free and sit on my head, initially it was an innocent game but all in all everyone was happy out of it. Those two weren't great for wearing clothes and loved being naked, running around laughing and jumping. They would stick their butts in the air and beg me to look at there little, tight p****** and perfect little buttholes. They loved the attention. When we played the monster game the first time they had clothes on though, but I started to chase them around and had them cornered in their bedroom and on the younger ones bed, let's give them names bella,the older and lily the younger. So we were on lily's bed and they cried on top of me and and bella yelled we gotta defeat the monster with our butts! And lily got so excited and said sit on his face!
So they took turns grinding their crotch and butts on my face forcefully. I think they got aroused by the way it felt I would hear them grunt and whimper. So a few days passed, and they came to me begging to take a bath so I let them. And they got out and said they wanted to play the monster game.... Naked... This is their idea. So I play along, they both climbed all over me forcing me on the bed and sitting on my face naked grinding taking turns i was getting so hard I gave in and stuck my tongue out hoping to get a taste of ??their p**** juice it was so sweet. Bella sqeaked when she felt my tongue enter her c*** she loved my tongue poking inside her tight little p**** squirting little girl c** all on my face, she spread her butt cheeks art and said to do that to her butt, lily was so intrigued by what was happening she wanted it to so I stuck my tongue deep in bella's butt a few more times and wanted to give lily her turn it's only fair right? So lily sits on my face towards me so she can look at my face while I lick her p**** and ass I loved tasting their little p**** and ass, bella saw my huge c*** bulging and was curious as to what boys look like so she pulled my shorts down and my 8 and a half inch d*** slapped her in the face she grabbed it and played with it, stroking it, she kissed it and got precum on her lips she licked it off and wanted to taste more so she stuffed my c*** in her mouth and wrapped her lips around my c***, suck on it trying to get more precum out of my c***, lily was still riding my face. I sucked on her Ass hole and tongued it deep, the I spit on her Ass and stuck my whole middle finger in her virgin ass she loved it
. I wanted both of them to suck my d*** and taste my c** so put them on their knees and would stuff my raging c**** in theirs little 5 and 4 year old mouths as deep as I could bella took half and gaged. I made the suck my b**** and lick my ass they loved licking and sticking some of their toys in my ass I came so much in both their mouths they swallowed every drop we passed out naked and mommy came home to a big surprise she was actually excited about it... but that is another story... To be continued

This is fictional.

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  • WTF is wrong with you

  • Dude what the f*** is wrong with you. Fictional or not you need to talk to someone. Child molesters deserve to die agonizing deaths.

  • Disgusting

  • Yea bi tch. Get som help before you act on it. Those are this what shoudnt even be confessed. Btw if you told me that story in person. Id beat the insanity out of you. Sick fock

  • WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU. Seek help!

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