Gay neighbors

When I was 16 in High school it was a hot day and our neighbor saw me walking by and asked if I'd like a cold pop and I accepted. Inside their house his friends were sitting on their couch watching me laying on the floor sipping the cold pop. Morry the guy that asked me in began rubbing my shoulder and it felt so good he asked me to remove my shirt and he'd give ma a proper rub down so I did. I sat there on the floor as Morry continued to rub my shoulders and then he began to rub the front of me and I was feeling so good I didn't mind that his hands was rubbing my b****** and he began to rub my nipples, my breathing became deep and slow as he continued to play with my nipples and another pair of hands joined in. Morry layed me back down onto the floor as he continued to play with my nipples and he and the other began to kiss me all over. I layed there as the other guy removed my jeans and I wasn't wearing any shorts and I already had a semi h****** it didn't take the other guy long till he took my c*** into his mouth and sucked me to a climax as he drank all of my c**, all this time Morry was kissing me and he was laying on his side and he pulled me over to him his front against my back and he put his c*** between my legs and began sliding himself in and out of my thighs against my ass and he began to play with my ass hole with a finger and he made me so relaxed I let him and then he positioned the head of his c*** against me and began to rub my ass hole and it felt so good especially when he hit one spot and every time he did I pushed back and it wasn't long till he entered me. It hurt a bit and he told me to relax and it wasn't long till he was f****** me long deep strokes and then he c** up my ass and I loved it all this time kissing my neck playing with my nipples and he asked if I wanted more I pushed back against him and answered yes and the other two guys each took me and gave me their c** the last had a big c*** maybe 9 inch and I was his to do with what he wanted and he f***** me three times that afternoon each time giving me more and more of his c**.
The next afternoon after school I stopped by and got made luv to by all three again, then I was told to be there the same time every day or I would be punished. Every day for three weeks I was there on time then it happened I didn't show up for I had to stay after school detention. When I finally did show up I was taken to a club out in Northgate and it was a gay club and there was guys doing things on stage and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. There was three other kids there but they were way behind us and I only saw them when we walked in.
It wasn't long till I was told that my punishment was I had to go on stage and let a guy have his way with me I started to cry and said I couldn't do that but Larry the big friend said I will or else more punishment would be put upon me so I reluntly went on stage and the black guy came up to me and started in arousing me and before long started to shove his 11 inch c*** up my ass, thank god it was kinda skinny and he had no problem getting it into me and I began to f*** him back and hen he c** in me so much I couldn't hold it all and another black replaced him and he was about the same size but a lot thicker and at first it hurt a bit but I loved being f***** by him and he to shot his load up my ass, I layed there my ass gaping and c** flowing onto the floor and everyone there was roaring making me feel so good. I thought to myself this is punishment, wow I like this then I felt a toung on my ass and I raised my ass up in the air and all of a sudden a dog got on my back and in one jab he had his c*** in me and he began to f*** me so fast digging his claws into my sides pulling himself tighter against me then I felt something growing inside of me bigger and bigger it got then the dog just held himself in me and I could feel his c*** getting so hard and bug then he to started in c****** in me and I was trying to get away but he dug his claws harder in my sides so I sat there ass in the air for a good forty minutes and he got off my back turned around and tried to pull out of me and that hurt so I held him in me for the longest time. I had so much of his c** in me it began to dribble down my legs and I could hear voices around me saying the s*** loves doggy look at em hold him in him I turned my head away so I wouldn't have to look at them and the dogs knot began to shrink till he pulled out of me and I bet a pint of c** followed. That was my punishment. Having that dog stuck in me for nearly a hour and I was so sore from being stretch like that. We left and I hardly said a word all the way home and I was allowed to not have s** with them for that weekend. But the following Monday as I stepped out of our house to walk to school Morry said he would take me so I said ok.

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  • Except for being forced to s*** a guy's c*** and the f***ed in my a** when I was in in grade school, I didn't voluntarily s*** until I was in nearly sixty, but if something like this account had happened to me when I was a young teen, I would have been their little s** toy, and done every one of those things, and loved every second of it.

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