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What is wrong with this website and people keep posting comments like "Lying C***", "Fake", "you f****** c***" etc, you are ruining this site please stop.

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  • OP is obviously a lying fake c.un.t who's got her panties in a twist over being called on it. Too bad you don't even have the distinction of being the only one on this site, not by a long shot! Hence the words that make you so very sad.

    Sure, some people say such things when they're not true-- welcome to the internet. When a post is obviously fake, then your trigger words are 100% appropriate. Don't like it? Don't post fake crap! DUHHHHHH.

    Go dry your hysterical tears, take some Midol, and accept the fact that not everyone buys your bullshit. Psycho tw@t.

  • You stupid f****** s***

  • It's just one person doing it. Some twisted little kid probably. He'll get bored with it and stop eventually. We had one in here before that said MEOW all the time.

  • What happened?

  • Meow destroyed all the confessions on here with spam. I stopped coming here for awhile came back about Christmas and he/she had gone, think they were banned.

  • Yeah years before there was a website called confessions.net and that was meowed out too. We should not talk of that thing anymore in case it comes back.

  • Remember kk?

  • F****** c***

  • Lying f****** c***

  • Retarded frying cook.

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