I am a selfish parent

I have a 7yo son. I bought him some girls short shorts. All the boys shorts are long and I thought he would look cute showing more leg. Like the boys wore in the 70s.

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  • I love little boys that wear knickers

  • I allow my 16 year old son to wear Bras and Panties.

  • Let me f*** him

  • My wife will only buy white briefs for our 8 year old son. Her reasoning is they're cheaper that boxers, and she thinks he looks cute in them. He loves them because they match his white undershirts, and he loves hearing his mom tell him how cute he looks. Good lord!

  • I want him in knickers when i take his 8 yr old boipussy

  • I make my 10yo wear pullups when we go out because I don't want to take her to the restroom.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I love older girls in pull ups , love to be alone with her in the restroom, wet pull ups her bald p**** will taste of pee

  • I don't think you should consider yourself as selfish. Styles and fashions come and go. The reality is that there is a much greater range of styles, colors and textures in the girls area. Before puberty well their bodies are pretty androgynous. I figure I get to dress my child and I will make the choices I like. I don't buy him clothes with crass or violent images or words and I don't buy any that endorse products or Disney for example. I do like V neck tee shirts and those come from the girls sections. Likewise coloured socks. So even though I buy him clothes from the girls section I also don't get overtly girly clothes. So no hearts or flower prints. I totally agree that short shorts look really cute on a boy.

  • My wife is very much the controller in our family. She has our boy doing ballet. He also play soccer so its not all 'girly'. He does though wear bike pants a lot.

  • You're what's wrong with America.

  • Maybe when you're old he can repay you by buying you maxi-pads instead of. Depends you j***!

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