Ooops. Got pregnant.

I recently found out I'm pregnant. About 2+ months. I'm in trouble. You see, I've been married to my hubby for 4 years, but he doesn't have s** often enough with me. I need it daily. So I've been having affairs for most of the time we've been married. I've f***** 14 different men, and currently am seeing a real sexy guy I met at the beach. I don't care if my lovers use condoms, and most have not. Problem is, I ran out of my birth control for just one day. I didn't think it would be a problem, and had s** with my lover. Twice that day, actually. So now I'm pregnant. I've thought about it a lot and decided I'll tell my husband and let him think the kid is his. He's a husband--let him support us. I'm still seeing my current lover, and yesterday, I started chatting with this guy I've seen at Starbucks a lot. He's cute. I'm gonna try to f*** him. It is especially a turn-on to think I'm preggo and f****** a new man.

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  • Real irresponsible of having unprotected s** while pregnant, not to mention the complete manipulation of your poor unsuspecting husband.

    When are you going to find time to parent in between booty calls.

    You have some really bad consequences coming your way!

  • There is no need for your husband to know. In a way he is very lucky to have an experienced lover like you.

  • Wish you were married to ME. are an incredible woman.

  • God you are so totally IS supersexy to be preg for one guy married to another and dating a third and looking for another! wish i had your nerve! good luck!

  • Wow...what a s***. I hope your husband tosses you out.

  • He'll find out and divorce you.

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