Can't get over my cousin

My cousin and I have always been pretty close. In January, both her and I plus our significant others (girlfriend + boyfriend) went on a trip to Cuba.

The third night in, we all go real drunk and all ended up crashing in the same room together. Around 230AM, both my cousin and her boyfriend left our room through the sliding glass door (it lead to the resort's pool bar, but past that was the beach). I watched them go all the way past the pool bar (which was closed) and towards the beach (which was off limits after 12AM I believe, not sure). They were stupid and didn't close the door properly so I got up sometime later to close it. I knew they hadn't come back so I walked over to the beach to check up on them.

When I got there I was quick to notice them. They were literally 10 feet to the left of me by some bushes. My cousin was on top of her boyfriend and was grinding on his crotch. They were both fully clothed. BUT, within about 5 seconds of me being there, without even looking around, she took her dress off, followed by her bra (she wasn't wearing panties), they were f******!

At first it could've been mistaken for a naked grind session at first, but later on, he pushed himself up against her from the bottom and she jumped up and down on him, eventually getting into a crouching position, too.

I literally stood there and watched, massaged myself too. I watched people walk by and watch as they kept going, too. It was the hottest thing I've ever witnessed.

I couldn't believe she would do that, and to add to it, her body was banging.

I jerked off and f***** my girlfriend thinking about my cousin for the rest of the week. I still continue to do so and can't get my mind off it!

Mar 26, 2015

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