Should I go for it

I been talking to my 3rd cousin, she's my cousins daughter. She seems very interested in us getting together for hot s.. At first I thought she was just playing and I went with it but later on she send me pictures of her pus... and her huge b.. then I started thinking of just getting a hotel room and have my way with her. She has told me multiple times that she wants me to f.. her like she's never been before. She is young, 20 if I'm not mistaken I'm 28 and very experienced. But I just can't get over the fact that she's my cousin I do want too fu... her and bad! But I'm married! S** with the wife is not the best and I'm not innocent but idk if I should go for it. What do you all think? Anyone has actually went thru something similar? Any females that would like to share thoughts?

Mar 24, 2017

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  • Full of s*** or a dumbshit...

    F*** her or leave it alone - you aren't helping her or your marriage by dragging it out AND this moment will pass...

    Finally - remember, it's a hook up - not love (don't be a r*****)

  • Just go ahead and f*** her.

  • I think you are full of s***

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