Off limits

My cousin came to visit last week while my parents were away at a conference and I told my BFF that she was coming over, They had never met and we were just gonna hang in the hot tub and have drinks so I invited my BFF, We were in the hot tub with my cousin and the two of them were "Hitting it off" It was the first time they have met and my cousin is a year and a half older than me, I know she is pretty wild and what not but I wasn't expecting her to try and seduce one of my friends.
We were all just talking and laughing and hanging out and I went inside to get drinks, when I came back out they were weirdly close to each other but moved apart and I didn't think much of it, As sometimes happens when girls get drinking too much there was some playful teasing and so on and my cousin who had a ** job at 18 ended up showing them to us, and somehow we all ended up ** and feeling like we were being super wild and naughty (Insert eye roll), I went back to get more drinks and when I came back they were close talking again.
My BFF went to the washroom and my cousin commented on her ** as she walked inside and she laughed making it wiggle which made us all laugh, Me and my cousin were talking and she made multiple comments on how nice my friend is and so on, I maybe didn't catch on to something that was more obvious than I thought at the time but when she came back I did notice that my cousin didn't take her eyes off her chest (she's large chested) the whole time she walked toward the hot tub.
My friend sat on the side of the tub and my cousin was obviously distracted by her which made me a bit uncomfortable but I have never known my BFF to be shy or to back down from showing off her physique so it was kind of just whatever, There was some more discussion on ** and then we were both invited to feel my cousins which we did and then she felt ours and my friend and I felt each others yada, yada, yada. Anyway I went to get another round of drinks since I was the hostess and as I was in the kitchen I decided to peek around the corner and my cousin was right up beside my friend and they looked like they were on the verge of maybe doing something.
I intentionally interupted them and we continued on with the evening, The conversation transitioned to past boyfriends and past experiences and so on and my friend had brought up my ex who was "Hung", My cousin looked at her and asked her how she knew, She explained that he had shown us both one night when we were drunk and I had maybe talked him into whipping it out, My cousin asked if we had ever.....We said no and my friend asked her if she had, She told us she did once right before going away to college with her highschool boyfriend and his cousin. We were all just leaking little snipits of secrets, Some which were already common knowledge and some which were not.
My BFF divulged that she had given her step brother who is 4 years older than us a blowie two years earlier when she was 16, Her claim was that it was a one time thing, My cousin asked if either of us had ever been with a girl and we both burst out laughing saying no, We asked her and she said "Pffft, I am in college you know" and we were both just wide eyed and staring at her, She laughed and said "Oh whatever, That's what college is for, Might as well try everything and see what sticks, It's the only time it will be socially acceptable".
Thank goodness I was as drunk as I was or I don't know how I would have reacted but it was kind of just laughed off and then she kind of started flirting with my BFF who to my surprise had more than a few questions about this new information, I attempted to run interference on her behalf since she was just kind of being shy and coy but then I realized she wasn't really putting up much of a fight and eventually they ended up kissing right in front of me as my cousin told her that there was no better kiss than a girl kiss. this all led to me and my BFF kissing under the instruction of my cousin and I got kind of weirded out as my cousin put our hands on each others **, We are not...Those friends and I left it at that.
There was more flirting and so on between them and I excused myself to go to the washroom (actually just to gather my thoughts) and when I went back I was going to kind of shut the night down and let things settle but as I rounded the corner the two of them were kissing and there was obviously more going on under the water, I interrupted and we all went inside, I went into my room to change into some dry clothes and my cousin had gone into the spare room, My friend into the bathroom, I changed and caught my breath, Came out and was the only one on the couch by myself waiting, I waited and must have drifted off because when I opened my eyes it was morning.
Long story short I went to see where everyone was and opened the door to the spare room, My cousin and BFF were passed out naked, My cousin was spooning my BFF and I just stood there staring at them, I went back and sat on the couch but didn't even close the door, I sat there and thought for a long time then loudly started making breakfast and had the tv on, Eventually they came out, My cousin in her t-shirt and shorts and my BFF fully dressed. They were both red faced and my BFF said she had to leave, My cousin tried to have a make out sess with her at the door but she could see me and ended up just kissing her and left.
My cousin and I sat in silence for a while before she brought it up, I told her I was unhappy that she had seduced my friend and that from that point forth my friends were WAY off limits, I don't know how to talk to my friend knowing that they went all the way, My cousin told me they went ALL the way and it's not that I am a prude or anything it just changes the way I look at my BFF and we have both steered way clear of the subject so I don't know what to do or say.

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My wife loves **

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