Feeling for family

At the time i was a 13 year old Male and i accidentally walked in on my 7 year old female cousin who was in a guest room at my parents house and i seen her naked. now i am 19 and she is 13 and i can't stop thinking about her and i want to have s** with her really bad. in terms of blood relative she is my second cousin. is it wrong for me to feel that way about my cousin. am i sick for thinking about her like that. i even want to c** in side her virgin v*****.

Apr 18, 2019

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  • I was 15 and f***** an 11 year old she sure didn't look like one or f*** like one

  • I really want her to be the mother of my children and my wife but what about our aunts and uncles. what would they say. would the cut us off from the rest of the family. also what about her mother and father. i dont think they would like that the fact that there daughter is married and the mother of her cousins children. i learned that people who are related and that have children are often born with disabilities. so i don't know what to do. although i did while she was sleeping i got her naked and took about 1000 different pictures of her naked. i also licked her v***** and i stuck my penus in her ass. i than put my penus in her mouth aand c** in her mouth and all over her lips. than i put her clothes back on and went back in my room and went to sleep

  • Give us a follow up to.

  • Should i have s** with her now. i mean she is 13

  • ^^ yes u should ^^

  • But she is a minor does that mean anything if not than when she comes down for July 4th i will f*** her virgin p****

  • Yes you should fukk her you will be alright you will need to pick her p**** very well tho

  • Don't miss this opportunity for sure. You will regret it forever! Watch adult movies with her in the room, offer to watch her alone. Invite her around a lot. Bring s** feeling good and love being love up as much as you can. Get her to enjoy watching you touch yourself, then touch yourself together. Worked with my cousin.

  • Let her see you naked a few times. Then touch yourself and ask her to watch.
    Hardest part is done.

  • No this is the best time seduce her and put it slowly inside her so that she also might start enjoying and get use to it....

  • But she is 13

  • So what she is capable to take many rods inside thats her destiny

  • So me being 19 and her being 13 i should just f*** her

  • Of course. It's the perfect age for a girl to be f*****. Even younger is even better. A girl should learn her purpose in life and her destiny. If she starts young, she can learn to really love c***. Isn't it better if you f*** her than if some boys at school get into her young p****? You cold show her how. You could teach her to eat a man's a** and lick his b****. Teenage boys who d*** her wouldn't know about those subtle fun things. It is your obligation to f*** her.

  • No not at all. she never had s**

  • It would be a dream come true for you but remember she is a minor. Probably wait for her to be an adult and then propose her.

  • But she is family and what about what the rest of the family say or think. also legally can i marry her

  • The family is not important. Your needs and desires and feelings are. Just get your d*** into her and then everything else will take care of itself.

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