So I thought he confessed his feelings to me

So I have childhood friend that I like for many year now and out of the blue one day he decides to send me a message saying that he always thought I was cute and founded me attractive. At first I thought I like oh hes just saying this to be nice to me and then it got complicated. My cousin who has been friends with him for years said that he liked me over four years. This point i started panicking and i blantly wanted to know so i sent him a message asking if he like me and he said no, that has never passed his mind that he would like me more than a friend. So I basically embarrassed myself by asking that question and its probably gonna be wierd the next time I see him but luckly I didnt confess to him that I liked him or it would have gotten a lot wierder.

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  • Your just a f****** c***.

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