It’s been two years. Two f****** excruciating years, filled with loves, hates, adventures, late nights, long days, hours, minutes, sunsets and f****** mountains. But no matter where I might be, who I might love, what I might be doing; I can never forget her. I’ve seen a lot of this world, terrible things, wonderful things, but no matter how much I see and how much I learn, she’s always the most beautiful thing on the planet. You ever been able to remember someones smile? Like not a funny story, or any context even and I don’t mean to remember their body or what they were wearing. But just their smile, and how it warms your heart. This girl, I haven’t seen her in two years, and I could never forget her smile. How long has it been since I fell for her? Seven years. I don’t mean to make this sound like some “Oh she just wants me as her friend, it’s almost like a fairy tale” bullshit. Cause it was nothing like that. It was a road full of pain, infidelity and ultimatums. I’ve known her since we were kids, middle school and there was always something special about her to me. But, I’m a disgusting human being, I lied, cheated and stole to get her, I wish I could forget she even existed. I have forgotten and stopped feeling about the ones before, but this is different. I can’t forget her smile, and I yearn to see it once again. But I know I never can and am tortured by the smile that warms my heart. Perhaps this is what I deserve? Perhaps.

Apr 2, 2015

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  • Powerful, man.

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