I still do

After almost 6years apart im still in love with my ex. I'm still with the guy I went out with after him and I have a daughter with him. Should I feel wrong for still feelin the way I do? I try so hard to not think about him. Sometimes idk if it's love it and obsession. It's scary.

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  • I know I feel bad because my guy right now we're a roller coaster we have our good and bad days who doesn't? But I just think it's crazy after all these years why?? You know... And it's complicated having a child involved and as for him he's been single after our relationship ended. So I find it odd too. But I mean my daughters father doesn't know my feelings about him still we actually never talked about it cause it's an awkward topic. Especially because they know each other too. They're just not the best of friends of course. As far as getting closure I feel like it would bring problems to my current relationship

  • If you love your ex you shouldn't hurt the recent guy you have a child with now. Feelings are feelings looks like something must have gone terribly wrong that would've been fixed but yall both moved on with resentment quickly. Its not wrong its because you would've. Wished to still be with your ex. You having a child does. Not force you to stay with the man I always say follow your heart its never too late. But if hes moved on you should too

  • You have no idea how much better your post made feel. I really appreciate the comment. Thanks for the advice!??

  • Feelings like that are normal. Don't blame yourself for having a feeling. How we act on our feelings, and how they affect our well being is what is important. If it is interfering with your ability to be in your present relationship, then you need to deal with the feeling somehow. If not, then just forgive yourself for it. Chances are you are in love with "the idea" of your ex, not your ex himself. You need to meditate on what caused the relationship to go wrong, and therefore what would be wrong if you were still in it. Move forward.

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