I'm going to kill my step dad

My step dad is a jobless p**** that has completely ruined my life since the day he entered it when I was 5. He complains about the house not being clean but he never does it himself. He is the only reason I have such vivid thoughts on how to kill people. I want to watch him die slowly while in serious pain. He is pathetic and rude and acts like he runs the place. My mom pays all the bills and he still makes the case that he's the boss and me and my adult sister have to follow his rules. Every time I go against him he hits me and tells me I'm good for nothing which is surprising since I get straight A's, win tennis tournaments, and do all the cleaning. I hate him and I'm going to kill him whether the law wants me to or not.


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  • Oh I want to kill my stepdad so f****** bad it hurts. He comes home drunk almost nightly and he slaps me around and screams at me cuz I didn't do the laundry or have his dinner ready on the table for him and yet I did but it sat there for so long it dried out and I through it into the trash. I have been hit with a closed fist so many times I lost count fact is I have 11 stitches on my back where he broke a dinning room chair over my back giving me a 6 inch gash and I lied at the ER which I was taken to. Lied because I know he'd kill me if I told the truth.
    Thank god for make up for it hides all the bruises I have and yet his daughter does no wrong and I get blamed for everything that goes wrong around here and if I could get hold of a gun I would shoot him when he comes home tonight drunk again. Every single night it is the same thing. I have tried to run away but I got caught and spent the next three days in bed for I was whipped with his belt till I couldn't walk. Go to the police yea right and get killed well maybe that would be worth it cuz I would no longer be beaten.

  • I hope to h*** this is bullshit but if it is not wait until he is asleep, take the sharpest knife you can find, cut his f ucking c ock off and shove it down his throat as you tell him " beat me now you low life piece of s****" any man that hits a child is not a dad

  • Please don't do anything like that, it will only ruin your life and he is not worth it. Instead save your money and do everything you can to move out when legally possible. This is a bad relationship that could turn deadly easily. You deserve so much better , just think of your life away from him one day.

  • I have a step dad too and I i feel what your feeling. I have had the same thoughts and know exactly what you mean. My stepdad got me taken out the will so my half sister, his daughter, gets everything and I get nothing. I know how you feel. It sucks.

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