The First Time I Swallowed

I was 16 and with my first real boyfriend who was 15. A few months earlier I had dated an older guy for a little while and we kissed some and I had let him kiss my b******, but that's all. My current boyfriend and I had "gone all the way." We had made out a lot, he had kissed and licked my b****** many times, I had given him several hand jobs and put him in my mouth before, he had eaten me which felt great. Before taking my virginity he had fingered me several times - which was actually pretty painful at first. Looking back I know it was the fingering and petting that actually tore and stretched my hymen the most. Our first time together felt pretty good. He was gentle. It lasted about 15 minutes on the couch in my parent's basement before he came in me (no condom). One day I was on my period and he was h**** so I started giving him head. He was laying on a couch and I was kneeling beside him on the floor, head bobbing up and down. He was getting really hard, he was starting to moan, and I could really taste his seeman starting to flow. He was starting to thrust into my mouth a little using his hips. Suddenly he thrust deeper and started to c** in my mouth. So much came out so fast. I was really surprised and didn't know what to do. My first reaction was to swallow. I remember his c** being very salty and burning my throat slightly as it went down. I kept him in my mouth until he stopped c******, swallowed the rest of it, and came up for a breath of air.

Susan F.

Apr 5, 2015

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  • Sounds like a movie script

  • My first swallow was my younger brother's first e**********. It was thin, watery with no taste. Next week his c** was the normal thick creamy white slippery c**

  • I share my wife with other guys to give her more c**, she loved it.

  • I have never had a woman swallow when giving head. Not even when I was young
    But I have always wanted it to happen

  • Dang. I've never had one who didn't swallow. I was several years before I even realized spitting was a thing.

  • Sexy story

  • Sskeet44@yahoo I would love to hear more

  • I new a girl growing up that was always making a point to tell me how awful c** tasted and that she couldn't stand it....then she would spend hours sucking everything she could get from me....and swollowed....
    Girls when I was young were confussing.

  • I heard somewhere to eat Altoids (strong mint candies) first. I tried it. I ate like five Altoids, then sucked my bf off and let him drain his b**** in my mouth. I didn't taste anything except mint, and swallowed his entire load down the hatch like a pro! He was so grateful, but it was so easy.

  • I drink pineapples juice it help

  • It doesnt feel as slippery and smooth in a girls mouth if she uses mouthwash or breathmints before a b******.

  • I am completely confused by all the people on this board and elsewhere who describe the taste of c** as "salty." I've had the c** of probably 20 men in my mouth during my life, and it has NEVER tasted even vaguely salty. There is often a taste like Elmer's glue, and every once in a while a bitter taste, but usually there is almost NO taste. But salty? Never.

  • Mine is actually very sweet tasting being that we share it while kissing and we both agree it is sweet. Like a liquid candy but not as sweet as candy

  • To ME SPEARM, has ALLWAYS TASTED GREAT, I've swallowed everytime a guy filled my mouth with HIS C**! this last time (a few nights ago!) HE came SOOO much it was like I had a hoose in my mouth!

  • I don't know exactly how many loads I've swallowed in my life but if I had to guess I would say 50. I know I have swallowed for 4 different men, including my husband - Susan F.

  • I m a guy an I guess I have swallowed 1000 times

  • Looking back I know now that I definitely shouldn't have been having s** at 16 years old and not giving BJ's either. Susan F.

  • Thats b.s. you had fun and you enjoyed life....Dont let anybody tell u that you were wrong or bad or a victim. As long as it was consentual by both persons...
    I think whats really going on from ur comment is that you think about it alot and deep down wish you could return and enjoy again.

  • The first time i swallowed c** was when i was 15 and it was Easter sunday afternoon.I had finially recieved my Sacrement of Baptism along with other preteens and teens at Easter mass.My parents had a party for me that afternoon and my boyfriend Kirk,came to it.He saw me in my poofy,white,short sleeve,top of the knees baptism dress and bonnet with my lace socks and white shoes and got very aroused! We went down to our in the basement and he unzipped my baptism dress and pulled it off of me and saw my white tee shirt with my cloth diaper and plastic pants and really got h****!He got me to my knees,thrust his hard d*** in my mouth and held my head in both of his hands and thrust my head back and forth.He came in my mouth a few minutes and it was bitter,but somewhat sweet.I gagged as i swallowed his full load.

  • To poster above- How did you feel being dressed as a baby for your baptism and giving your boyfriend the b******?Was it embarrassing or did you like it? You arent the only girl who was dressed as a baby for your Easter baptism and had to give oral s** to the boyfriend! Several years ago i got a b****** from a 16 year old girl who was dressed as a baby for her Easter baptism in a white below the knees baby style gown and matching bonnet with lace socks and white booties.She had a tee shirt with a thick cloth diaper and adult size,crinkly plastic pants on under her gown and had a pacifier on a ribbon around her neck! I was 17 at the time and she had a crush on me,so she took off her gown and got on her knees and sucked me for almost an hour and swallowed two loads of my c**!

  • Susan, you shared the story of the first time you swallowed a load with us, how about posting the total number of loads you have swallowed in your life? Was it just 1, 10, 100?

  • It doesn't taste like bleach, it smells like bleach. It does taste salty and sometimes burns a little when you swallow it.

  • Bring it

  • Oh my, Susan you were so young to have a man in your mouth. You must have been good at it, he made a HOT MEAL for you! So nice of you to swallow every drop of it!

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