Weird tripping experience

After 2 years without seeing him we have finally decided to meet.He is the guy that my heart have always belonged to and even though we haven't spoken in over 2 years we managed to became friends once again. Naturally we met as friends and he brought another friend with him who I also knew from the past. I was excited to meet the both of them, we have changed a lot.I like being wasted and so do they so we have decided to get high on synt. After smoking for a while I started shaking and was sucked out of my own body. I started hearing a weird language inside my head that somehow I understood. I was no longer myself I became nothing. It was shown to me that my life was all a lie and that I was supposed to fall for the guy and choose to do what we were doing. I kept relieving the same episode seeing both of their faces laugh at me. Even though they seemed human enough I was feeling weird. Like my body was almost animated and everything I did felt alien. I was watching episodes from my life and started to forget everything. At that moment I was stuck watching myself getting high with them again and again knowing that after I did my life was ending.I thought it was a dream that if I tried hard enough I would wake up. I thought how could I actually be here with these guys. Nothing made sense. Humans weren't real they were just an experiment. Nothing was real. I was stuck for eternity watching myself fail again and again for the sake of this guy. I kept bouncing back into my body but as I said it no longer felt like my own everything felt real strange. After a while of this scary nothingness I managed to try and stay focused on something. Everything started getting back to normal and I was becoming me again. It was scary because I kept seeing myself repeat what would eventually destroy me. I was seriously questioning life and I swear everything just suddenly made no sense. I have no idea what triggered this sort of trip but I sure as h*** don't want it to repeat itself again. I have never felt so useless in my whole life. I want to know if you guys have any ideas why I might have went tru that because I have gotten high before but never like this. My body was lifeless for those few moments and I really was scared.

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  • Yeah this happened to me aftertaking shrooms once fealt like my soul evaporated.

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  • Sounds like pop - that s*** will mess you up, and you can have flashbacks! If you do don't panic, concentrate on your breathing, and please stay away from. Drugs - smoking period!!!!!

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