My dominant Boyfriend forces me and husband watches

I'd had a pretty normal marriage for about 10 years. We had our ups and downs but I was raised to follow my husband and obey him. Whenever he wanted s**, I always submitted. I thought I was being a good Christian woman, but the fact was I had the most sinful thoughts.

At some point Robbie brought s** talk into the bedroom. We actually learned this from a talk our pastor gave. It seemed harmless at first, but I had some very wicked thoughts and little by little they came out. They excited Robbie and our s** life was really wonderful, so I thought I was being a good girl. I'd never cheated on my husband and never imagined I would, but my fantasy involved a dominant older man.

Then one day, I met him. Robbie brought home a very handsome older man. He was an important customer. He was like some movie star-Harlequin romance character. He was over fifty, but looked nearer to 40. Frank was very fit. He played tennis, sailed, skied and his company was slowly expanding across the globe.

The first time I met him, Robbie brought him home for dinner at our home. I spent all day preparing, new dress, hours on the Home Cooking channel going over and over. I was Martha Stewart! Of course they arrived and I was dressed ("look sexy but classy") and putting the final touches on dinner.

Frank brought two bottles of wine and then came right into the kitchen and helped me make the salad dressing while ordering my husband to put on a CD of romantic dinner music his daughter had made for him! I mean I am 30 and his daughter is 29! He told me he was supposed to use this CD to seduce a woman and wanted my opinion.

His daughter's music and her father could seduce any woman on the planet. So he and I are cooking, he is pouring wine, taking me in his arms and dancing in the kitchen. God this man smells delicious and no cologne, just man. I actually forgot I had a husband for a minute.

OK, we had dinner. It was fabulous. Then there was some after dinner dancing and I am flirting. I mean married woman flirting but Frank flirts better than any man I have ever known, this is like better than Sean Connery, James Bond flirting. At some point I reach up and loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt. I mean it is after dinner. Before I know it, my hands are behind my back and Frank's tie is wrapped around my wrists. Wet? No soaking.

"You are being very naughty. I think I should turn you over my knee and spank your Bare Bottom. (Like OMG favorite fantasy and his voice is so calm, in control, mature alpha male. My panties are so wet that I am sure he can smell me. I learned later, he could.) I am biting my lip, totally little girl. I cannot speak, just look.

Frank bent down while rubbing one hand over my back and one across my hip and said, "I don't like you are wearing a bra or panties. I think you need to go to the little girl's room and remove those."

He looked at his watch and said, "You have 2 minutes", pulled his tie off my wrists and swatted my bottom. When I came out I had my panties clutched in my hand. I don't know why, just did.

Frank looked at me, held out his hand. I felt like I was 12 and I had been a very bad girl. I put them in his hand. My husband was sitting right there. He could have been on the moon. I was alone with this man. He picked up his tie, and looped it around my wrists, then pulled me over his lap, raised my skirt and spanked me. He kept touching me, I kept getting wetter, he kept telling me I was a very naughty girl.

When he pulled out his c***, I was so out of my mind I did not know I was married, my husband was sitting a few feet away. I only knew sucking his c*** and pleasing him was the most important thing.

5000 characters? How many is that. Frank f***** me in my marital bed. Frank f***** me in the plane to China, Frank f***** me with a group of men in Paris, while my husband watched on Skype.

I learn Robbie talked about me to Frank one night over drinks. Frank owns me now. I am still married, Frank insists. But I have had over 100 lovers, yes Frank insists they are lovers and I do honestly feel loved. He told me we are just warming up. I should plan on at least 200 this year. I want to have 300 to show him I am a very good girl.

I have not told my pastor, but the deacon's wife has known Frank Biblically. God thank you for the blessings we have received.

My husband has never been happier. I tasted my first woman a few days ago, but I do not want her to marry Frank, but he has promised me, I am still his, no matter what

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  • Bullshit

  • Does it feel good, having c*** in ur p****?

  • Does it feel good? Having c*** in it p****?

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