Things that go through your mind when your being terminated

My first thoughts were Oh no, back to the old drawing board. Your second impulse is to argue for your job which you know full well isn't going to work.

Then reality sets in. Goodbye salary, goodbye benefits hello job hunting.

After you leave the building the trip home is easier because rush hour hasn't happened yet. Its as if the whole world has opened up to get rid of you. There is no going back.

Once home you ask yourself how this could have happened and how you could have been that stupid if its your fault.

Then you accept what happened and look for work knowing that the stigma of being terminated is going to go against you.

Most people who have been terminated eventually find other work.

I did and so can you.

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  • Revenge of a****** boss...

  • Maybe the first step is to come to terms with being letting go. Being terminated or even laid off, for whatever the reason isn't a proud moment in your life, but it can't be what defines you or even what you dwell on. It's hard, because it's not your choice to leave. So you just need to accept it and move forward. And know that you'll make better choices on the next job. Looking for work is tough. And the key is to not get discouraged and don't take the "no's" personally. Even though you need the job yesterday, not all jobs are great fits. Make sure you let everyone know you're looking. It's easy to get depressed and stay home. Use the time off wisely. Stay positive and work on yourself..exercise, clean your house/room whatever, take some classes. Many temp agencies offer free online courses now. Update your resume and network and be open to opportunities. Take can do anything for a little while. Something will come your way. Trust and believe that. And even when you land your next job (and you will)'s always good to keep looking. Best of luck.

  • Life is full of really hard setbacks that can break you if you let it. If you can keep trying you will survive.

  • I was terminated two months again and i'm still looking hope your right.

  • Good luck. I know how it feels.

  • Thanks i know this sounds selfish but it gives me comfort that someone else is going through this.

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