One among thousands

I am just another depressed suicidal.
dont know what else to say.
everyone would have been better off without me.

Apr 8, 2015

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  • Depression is actually curable... I was really depressed. Sat up all night, watching movies, and those late night TV commercials that have depression adds, lol ever wonder what's wrong with you? Blah blah blah.
    Truth is.... There is nothing wrong with you. Depression is normal. 88% of people go through it and 42% think of suicide. So you by no means are alone. First thing to get cured, admit you need help. I found a good doctor, told them I was super depressed. They put me on Stupid pills that made me feel better but I didn't like them that much. They made me gain weight. So I started doing research, turns out ( I am a 28 Male ) I have had head trama in the past from a car wreck, and my hormones, testorne, and everything was out of wack bc of my patiaterieglan in my brain. I am on a hormone treatment now. An feel amazing! Life is life again! Before you give up. Do yourself and all your loved ones a favor and stick it out and atleast try to help yourself. Don't be weak and take the easy way out. You only get one shot.

  • That is not true! You are here for a reason and someday someone will appreciate that fact!

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