Black princess for prince harry YES its about time 2 rock da boat

I actually hope prince harry marries a black woman to be honest just so all you little b****** who l*** after him with your bitchy perfect white ass s***** ways are cut down and it causes a right royal scandal of the century, and I am a white woman. but i would not be suprised to find harry marry a black woman or from the arab /turkish nations etc which will shock people big time.

black president - so maybe we will see more black woman presidents or minsters or princesses hey!!!!


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  • Well that is why I think you should make it a quiet wedding and not flash yourselves around showing off flaunting but deliberately live modesty and quietly. the media will get the message and you will be happier for it. having a career that is sound and stable over public duties is going to be your best bet! given the climate of poverty economy and community sentiment about you. it would be improper of you to live a flaunting show off lifestyle or have a show off wedding that people will cry tax payers money going to waste on the rich privileged again.

  • Decent people used to get married quietly and without so much need for media drama, but the diana crowd and those two rather unintelligiable boys have turned a media soap opera of their dumb spoilt rich lives that no one else but them can lead. why would you want to know how the f*** h*** they feel about anything. have you seen how ugly she is without make up? she is really ugly. and he is a dope addict. they don't really fly planes you know.

  • More like he would match well with a goldfish. stupid ugly idiot harry is. drug addict hasbean.

  • My guess is harry will marry mehgan and they will not even have it televised and they will want privacy and not the media sensationalism of former royals, my guess is the future of the monarchy will be more and more less media and more smaller quieter weddings because of the ways of the world now. people just aren't interested, and recently voted would people prefer tea with the queen of UK or the queen of Jordan. guess who won! the middle east. do you trust the UK queen who puts her dogs before you and looks down on people who admit being molested as kids? they have planned all the boys weddings years ago when they were born and mehgan has money and royal blood lines. so don't expect the tv wedding di and chuck had or kate and wills had, it will be so quiet more quiet then any other royal wedding, we will just see a few photos and it will sent the tone of the future with the whole monarchy. people just don't want to know about them now. who cares if kates too vain to be a queen, its not our problem its their problem. they all end up ugly anyway.

  • You seem to be a very racist person. I myself am of color, and like our president too, even though he is not black, he is of a Muslim decent if you read the book on him. I am also married to a white woman, so..... Does that mean the whites won against me? Bc I married one? Lol you have a warped mind. I think we as Humans just need to chill out and all work together. But for people like yourself, really think about the things you say and the reality around you? If a white person really wanted to put you in your place could they? The answer your humble ass would never say.... Is Yes. Most have money honey, and most have connections. I heard on the radio 97% of white people make more than 100k a year and only 4% of black people make over 100% a year. So maybe we need to step it up and shut our mouths and just work and make money. And one day. We will be on a equal playing field. Until than... There's no use in acting like a fool. And when that day comes! We can all come together and strive for a take over. Lol but we are a wayyyyyys off sugar.

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