Turning Gay?

Several years ago, I was curious about sucking another mans c*** but never acted on the urge until one night after a few beers. I went to the men seeking men section of craigslist and found a guy near my home to have my first experience with another man. Nervous, but extremely excited and turned on, I sat in the car working up the nerve to go and meet this strange man I met a short while ago on the internet. Before I knew it I was knocking on his door...

He let me in, and was gentile and understanding, since I told him this was my first time. He took his pants off to expose his gorgeous c*** and I was overwhelmed with desire. I immediately dropped to my knees and began sucking, my c*** was harder than it was ever before. We slowly worked our way over to his bed where I sucked until he blew his load all over my face. I couldn't believe I sucked, and absolutely enjoyed sucking c***!

Over the years I have sucked probably 15 different guys, and been f***** about 5 times total. I am beginning to realize that I enjoy sucking c***, swallowing c** and being f***** more than I enjoy women. I honestly think I am turning gay... I dream about sucking c*** and feeling another man c** down my throat all the time. I don't dream about women any more, if I have a sexy dream it is always with men! I can literally think about c**** and get a raging hardon, but can't do the same when thinking about women.

I used to think I was bi, but I am beginning to think I am gay... I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to have s** with a beautiful woman, but given the choice of a beautiful woman or a submitting to a man with a hot c***, I would chose the c*** every time.

Maybe a phase I am going through, and I can't believe I am even saying this, but I absolutely love c*** and crave it every day.

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  • HellOoooo guy..

    I am a straight girl and let me tell you I feel exactly the same. Really, c*** is better than p****. You even turned me on except the part where it was with a stranger.
    Way better when you love the person. I find I always give myself more . If I come back in my next life, and I am a guy I would most certainly be gay. I think most straight woman around the world would completely and 100 % understand your desire and need for a nice big circumcised c***. Even if we never expose or admit it, we are all s**** loving s**. And as you mentioned you would never pass up an opportunity to have s** with a beautiful woman you prefer to give in to the amazing wonders of a beautiful c***.

    I'm obviously ovulating or something at the moment, but the point is this.

    You are GAY and occasionally Bi
    I am straight and occasionally Bi too )

    F*** that s*** about you can just be one or the other.

  • I'm a 42yo married father who loves his wife and kids and have a healthy s** life. However, I play on the side and will pull out of a p**** for some dude ass and c*** to suck. My favorite is an all married, bi guy orgy.

  • I am a straight man,but would love to suck a c***.

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