Careless smoker

I feel a little guilty, but not enough to stop. I live with my bf in his house. We both smoke but I have this extreme aversion to using ashtrays. I ash on the floor and stamp out my ciggies on the carpet or whatever floor i'm on. He used to get real mad about me ruining the carpet, but now there are so many black charred areas he stopped complaining, since his carpet is ruined beyond repair. After all, I'm a solid 2 pack a day puffer, so that's a lot of black spots. Actually as I write this, I realize that there really is no more reason to feel guilty at all. Yay. I can keep doing what I've been doing!

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  • And the point of comming here and gloating is?

  • You are an inconsiderate, selfish, pig

  • . . . and a stupid one.

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