What should i do

Hey ive got a problem i need helping with since i was 15 i started seeing my older sister in a different way she would walk about in a towel or in a thong and bra and it realy got me excited i wantd to try it on but i was scared of the out come so i gave up until one day i came home early as i walked in i headed to my room i heard noises coming from my sisters room the door was closed but i went on my hands and knees and i saw my sister on the floor naked while my dog was licking her p**** i was shocked and went to my room i could stil here he moaning so i decided to run in quickly with my camera and record it so i set the camera up and tip toed to her door pressing record before entering i burst in and caught her in the act i kept recording as she jumpd up and under her covers and startd to cry i startd to laugh and walk out . . .so wat do i do use it to blackmail her and make her my slave just keep the tape and forget about it let me no what u all think i should do before its to late

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  • Blackmail her for a f***, that's a minimum!

  • Blackmailing anyone is wrong and of course you know this. Just be a good person and let it be. Do not. I repeat. Do not try and have a relationship with her because it will really s**** both of you up. :( Do you want her to give you evil glares all the time and always call you a perv for the rest of your life and force her to seek therapy? Please be a decent person and just lose the tape. Your feelings for your sister will pass once you find a girl you can truely love with your heart. You are just lonely and dont get out enough. Apologize to her now.

  • I'd f*** her crosseyed and bowlegged, iif I were you!

  • destroy the tape and leave her alone you a******.

  • Seriously, have you ever heard of a period? Sentences are good.

  • Destroy the tape you sick little fucktard. I hope she kills you in her sleep.

  • for f**** sake, someone have a little too much free time?

  • I suggest you get a real job and forget writing p***. You are just not that good at it.

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