I dont know 2

I dont know anymore
wherter to live ir die
a purpose
I,wouldn't say I have one.
I really want to be a comic artists.
I'm 14, have no friends.
no were to go
no money
hows that gonna happen??
its a less likely chance
my family means nothing to me
no one does
better off just ending it I mean??? Who knows
I hate this body
I know I'm a boy
but why wasn't I made that way?
that only adds to the reasons I dont want to live
very less likely chance I'll ever be happy with my body
maybe if jt ends,I can be somone new. Be a boy,live my dream of a artist, have a better family.
life isn't fair
neither is mentality or the way I think
in the end I dont control anything
my brain does
society does
the government
my family
the itching want to live
how marvelous that is
how much I hate it
I dont know anymore
will someone tell me?

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  • Force a smile. Look for one good thing. Say one nice thing to someone.
    Then do it again.
    I find that I get depressed. I sort of almost slip into being depressed without realising it. I wallow in my sadness. Then I realise only I can do anything about it. No one seems willing to recognize or listen or want to comfort me. I sulk and then take a deep breath. I shake my head and tell myself I have to get out of this. What orks for me is to force a smile on my face. I keep checking my self "am I smiling". Then I concentrate on finding somthing nice and also whenever I talk to somone I look at them. I smile. I listen. I try to respond to what they are saying and not try to change their opinion. Just smile and nodd. Smile

  • 14-18 sucks, very boring!

    Lots of people feel this way at this age - don't give up hope!

    When I was 18 I lived in one of the worse parts of boston - my mom threw me out (she was horrible - she didn't help me, or care, she was actually jealous of me). I moved in with a girl I went to job corps with.
    Thought she was my friend (I was just her babysitter).
    I worked nights at a donut shop and used to walk back to her cockroach infested apt at midnight thru Charlestown (scarey).

    Never thought it would happen, fast forward 30 years.

    I have worked for 2 Fortune 500 companies, been married, divorced, have a teen, and still my only friends are people I work with, and I grateful for that - they are good people!

    Education is the most important thing, and doors will open for you, you can live how you want when you're older. So while your young study and make the money to be free!

    Friends will come and go! Don't give up, you are here for a reason!

  • Your life is like a book and you've only read a couple of chapters. Don't you want to know the ending?

  • Stick around.

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