Bleeding my bf

I've found another rich boyfriend that I'm bleeding dry. I get him to buy me all these expensive things--jewelry, cars, clothes, you name it. My last bf was stupid enough to give me an AMEX card and I nearly bankrupted him before I dumped him. This one's got quite a bit more money left, so I'm his for a while longer yet. I insist we only go to the finest restaurants, and the one we're going to tomorrow will require some new expensive clothes. Oh well, guess it's time to go spending some more of his money. I love it. My only concern is I'm getting older, and eventually this can affect my ability to get the guy. It has me worried. I like my lifestyle and don't want to give it up.

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  • That's a great Story! The only thing that would make it even better would be if a guy came into your House and stole all the s*** you milked from your last Boyfriend. Then he takes all of those things and puts them in the Car you were given and during the getaway the Guy T-Bones a Gasoline Tanker Truck!

  • Well aren't you a real D**** Bag!

  • Date married men in who are 20 years younger when you can't get men your age anymore.

  • My BF wants me to go out a buy the things I want and I don't, not because I don't want to but he's worked so hard getting to where he is in his jobs a serial investigator for the sheriffs department and he plays the market with a great success. I just don't feel right spending his hard earned money so now he's showering me with gifts almost nightly. Last night he presented me with a diamond tennis bracelet that is absolutely beautiful and I told him that and he said not as beautiful as I was and we kissed and held each other for the longest time.
    Three months ago he asked me what kind of a car I would like to drive and I thought he was teasing so I told him and a week later I was driving just what I told him a Porsche 914 for some reason I don't know why he wants me to have all these things and he doesn't ask much in return so I give myself to him and do what ever he asks of me.
    One time and one time only he asked me to flirt with him at this restaurant that we visit quite often so I did but not till we had had a few drinks but maybe to many for him for he got such a big turn on he took me right then and there bent over our table, thank god we were in the back at a booth and not a lot could see us but still. You know we didn't have dinner there that night for he took me home and we had s** for another 5 hours. He was absolutely amazing.
    Geoff is a wonderful man and he'd make a awesome husband but I can't marry him for I am already married and I haven't told him yet but I don't know where my husband is for I haven't heard hide nor hair from him in 5 years. We got married at a early age and one night he disappeared and I have been on my own since then. But6 still I am married and if Geoff asked me to marry him I couldn't lie to him and I would have to confess why I couldn't marry him and yet I want to be his wife.

  • You go girl! I do the same thing with my men. After all, aren't they just paying for the s** we give them? Bleed them, babe.

  • Remember this lady. What goes around comes around.

  • My ex wife did the same thing. He'll wise up and rid himself of you before you know whats happening.

  • I totally control my husband. I'm not bleeding him dry financially but I don't let him o*****. He has to hold and denigrate self control. I feel guilty sometimes but it's so hot

  • I do the same with my man, and I'm glad to hear that you're doing it, too!

  • Wow. I do it too! Didn't realize it's this common.

  • I think these are two quite different things. Bleeding the boyfriend dry is just nasty abuse. Sexual denial can be very connecting. My wife & I were in marital nomans land. It was worse than being alone. There was feelings of obligation to each other and the kids and that meant we did not get divorced but nor were we free to find somone to love and connect with. The marriage counsellor suggested to try not having penitrative s** and no masturbation or o******. At that stage my wife had been letting me have s** with her but it was cold and honestly it was worse than masturbation so in a way this pause was almost a welcom relief. Anyway not orgasming and not mastubating is harder than you think. The counsellor encouraged us to pretend we were not married and just dating and that s** was not allowd. We had to find other ways to interest each other. Lots of holding hands. Organising dates. Kissing. But no s**. It was hard. But it rekindled the marriage relationship. We started to have fun together again. Things progressed and we now do get a bit more sexual. Sometimes my wife will get me to rub her to o***** but very rarely do I get to o*****. She controls s** and so only maybe a couple of times a year does she feel like letting me o*****. So I guess what I am trying to say is that restricting o***** adds a sexual connection wheras bleeding somone dry g inancially is just cold and nasty.

  • W-H-O-R-E.

  • Unless your boyfriends are offering a 401(k) in exchange for your services, you're screwed, in more ways than one. The ride will soon come to an end, and then it'll all be food stamps, welfare and Medicaid. Well played!

  • You aren't using them. All you're doing is proving to the world that you are a REALLY expensive piece of ass. Congratulations.

  • That's all well and good, but in the end money doesn't buy you happiness. And you may be using them, but they are most likely using you.

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