My Husband Doesn't Know I've Started Working Part Time As A Stripper

Because I wanted a little more spending money to buy nice clothes and Starbucks coffee, I started working part time as a stripper. My husband doesn't know. He thinks I do tupperware parties with my girlfriend who got me into stripping. I got envious when I saw how much money she made for just taking off her clothes. How hard is that? So I let her talk me into stripping. It was a little embarrassing at first having strange men seeing me naked, and putting their hands on me in private lap dances, but after I got used to it it made me feel more like a woman to be so admired and wanted. It gave my self image a huge boost along with my secret bank account. It's also made me better in bed. I'm in the mood more often and my husband loves that benefit. So it's a win win. I have more money for clothes and Starbucks coffee and my husband gets more s**. What's not to love?

Feb 2, 2012

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  • Would you ever consider escorting? I am sure guys have offered you money for s** at the club.

  • I'm thinking you must be pretty hot to be a paid stripper. Your husband is lucky, indeed. Don't tell him.

  • You need to tell your husband about this.

  • No way I would tell him. He's too much of a prude to understand or support me. Besides stripping has become respectable with lots of college girls doing it.

  • Respectable college girls

    Wow, okay. Have you sustained a head injury recently?

  • You're probably the same poster with the pastor husband? Same applies, prostituting yourself is just a small step away, you'll find it much more rewarding, both financially and sexually. Go for it, you know you want to.

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