I'm so nervous about this.... : /

I go to a school where everyone is judged by their appearance. I'm not a self-conscious girl, and I'm quite strong. I usually don't care what anyone thinks, but the upcoming school year is near and I'm just kind of nervous. My 2 best friends are going to a different school, and I only hung out with them. :( I don't want to sit alone at the lunch table. I'm also always jealous of my bff who is leaving so (it's horrible, but i'm kind of happy that she's leaving. no boys have a crush on me, and it's because i felt like she was prettier at the time.) Anyway, my family doesn't have a lot of money. my mom just got a second job to support us. i lost a lot of weight and i cannot fit my old clothes. I really wanna be fashionable this year, because i hated the way i looked last year. i've got about three pairs of pants that i can actually fit. my mom got me 5 more (and i'm so thankful for them) but they are all the same pair of pants. :( I don't wanna care what I look like this year, but part of me can't stop obsessing. it's like, i'll be the girl with the horrible clothes and no friends, and i feel so alone, when i think about it. my biggest problem right now is my clothes right now. my hair is fine, right now i guess. if my mom does my hair right (and lately she sucks at doing hair) it'll come out fine. it's my clothes though. everyone's telling, oh just get accessories, get this. get that. WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. I'm going to pray to God that I can get new clothes, and a new attitude. the thing i'm mostly afraid of is everyone judging me. i don't want the freshmen coming in looking better than me. it's vain, i know. so vain, and i hate feeling like this. any advice? just comment below.

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  • its okay, what sort of pants are they, there heaps of things you can do to clothes to make them look different.
    tight jeans look awesome with baggy tops, and if you have the same pair (depending what they look like, maybe you can put rips in one?
    you can always learn to altar old clothes aswell!
    if you can manage enough money and u dont already have a pair, maybe go by a cheap pair of leggings, you can practically live in them without getting judged, and always put shorts or even a skirt over them. more so shorts id say.
    if you have a tight top, they look good with baggy bottoms aswell.

    how old are you? im australian so im guessing ud be about 16 or 17? if you really want people to notice or bee distracted away from your clothes, draw attention to your face and hair. trust me it works.

    about the friends thing, im going through a rough patch mysef, and i can honestly say the best thing you can do is be as open and confident with new people as possible. guys and girls, because friends are friends. i know what its like to envy your best friend because of the attention and popularity compared to yourself, as you get older it gets better.
    But high school will always have a sense of... suking. you just gotta put up with the bad and push for the best.

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