I sometimes think of cutting up my arms

I sometimes think of cutting up my arms and going to school with the wounds visible. This way, I can get the help I'm too afraid to ask for.

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  • and by "help" you mean "attention". thats sure to work. do it!

  • Sounds like you want some attention. I, for one, would rather see you mutilate yourself than to shoot up your school or something. . . However, there are many other ways to ask for help, like simply asking! If you can't bring yourself to ask, write a sucide note, sign it, then "accidentally" leave it somewhere where a teacher will find it. . .make sure to sign your name!

  • wow insensitive much? way to care about your fellow human being. some of these comments are ridiculous. making jokes when someone is hurting, what the h*** is wrong with you?

    look, cutting is not your only option as you may think it is, you don't need to do that to get help. i know it seems like thats the only way to get the attention and help you need, but there are other ways. i know its frightening, but you have to ask for help. it may seem like no one cares enough to hear you out, but people may care more than you think, and would love the chance to help you before you do something drastic.

  • ^yea almost like herpes

  • ^^it is bad that i find that hillarious.

    but the cutting thing, that's not funny. After seeing some people go through that, it's scary, and lonely. If you feel like crap now, how much better are you going to feel bleeding, seriously.. think about it. P Some of those scars don't go away, do you want to have to explain that to your children or future spouse?

  • Q. How many Emos does it take to s**** in a light bulb?

    A. None, they just sit in the dark and cry, and write poems about how much they miss the old bulb.

  • I sometimes think I wish self pitying sons of b****** would shut up, this way I wouldn't have to post these harsh comments I kinda enjoy posting.

  • ^Exactly. F****** emo kids.

  • You mean the attention you want from your peers.

  • Just ask for it.
    Never start cutting. It can ruin your life.

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