Does everyone who had s** before

Does everyone who had s** before marriage have bad first time stories? most of my friends do, so now im reluctant. some enlightment? or bad stories to emphasise? I need guidance.

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  • I lost mine to my boss.
    Problem is, I was engaged at the time. My fiance and I had agreed to wait, so we did.
    My boss, who I had been giving oral s** to, found out and said HE deserved to be first.
    I disagreed, but he insisted. One day, I went to lunch with him and as usual, I gave him a b******* in the car after.
    He told me it wasn't enough and took me to one of his empty houses. (he's a real estate broker)
    We went in and he kind of insisted, so we did it.
    Right on the couch in the living room.
    It hurt, like I thought it would (he's big), but I didn't bleed as much as I thought I would.
    Anyway, I got married, my husband had no idea he wasn't the first, so I guess everything worked out.
    I was still sore on my honeymoon night, though.

  • ^^ LOL, ALL the girls think you have a HUGE c*** when you ram it up the a******.

  • I regret the fact that I hardly remember my first time. Alcohol and hormones, eh.

  • It was like watching two elephants have s** with another dead elephant.

  • I got totally wasted when I lost my virginity, don't remember much.

  • LOL^ P**** is one size fits all, except for the guy with the tiny d*** that claims women's "huge gaping vaginas" are just too big for his d***!

  • ^^that's HOT baby,,, can I F*** U HARD in the wilderness?? P**** is one size fits all, no matter where you are at? I'd do it publicly if a woman would do it with me.....I could be a p*** star....

  • Hmmm..not sure if mine's a bad story or not. I was camping in a field with some guys, and I was incredibly drunk (as was the guy i ended up sleeping with). I ended up getting together with the guy properly a few weeks later though, and our relationship lasted quite a while. One thing though: first times in fields aren't great. You get twigs sticking into your back. Never good.

  • Wait till it feels right. yo uwill know. Don;t rush it.

  • Actually, no. I lost my virginity when I was very young, and I fell totally in love with the guy. We had a rough relationship, and there were definitlely hard times. But, 8 years later, I am now married to him (and we are very happy together) I don't want to give you false hope though, cause it usually doesn't happen like that, and evben though it did with me, I had to go through a lot of bullshit in the begining of our relationship. Just don't pick some random guy, make sure you get to know what type of person he is before you sleep with him.

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