i didn't get my nose pierced because i

i didn't get my nose pierced because i wanted a change or i needed to declare my independence. i got one because i wanted to feel as mutilated and dirty on the outside as i felt on the inside. i did it to feel ugly. so i could have a physical reminder of how f***** i felt. last night my ring fell out when i was asleep and the hole closed. there's no sign of it anymore... and i'm slowly beginning to feel like more than just that hole's healing.

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  • Emo kids are stupid. You have missed the point of body piercing completely. . .you should try repeircing it yourself with a 45 magnum.

  • Next time you should get one of those neck ring things I think they're called nooses and jump off a bridge.

  • Ummmmm, Okay! I got my piercings cause they look cool!!

  • Just shut up. Please. Just, well, just shut up.

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