All right guys...what is the deal about

All right guys...what is the deal about wanting to blow your load on my face or my t***? Why make me messy when I am willing to swallow? It sucks getting c** out of my hair. Just leave the f****** thing in my mouth.

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  • wow, you swallow? like exactly where do you live???

  • 'They'? You f***** hypocrite, I bet if a guy refers to you as 'They' you start screaming about it. Bigoted b****.
    Some women like it some don't. The above poster is right about that, say something before you start, if the guy still does it, no second chances, he'll regret it after that.

  • The deal is its the peak of our o***** and we revel in sexual imagery until the refractory period starts. A little of it might be attributed to ego and the idea of power. You didn't mention if you were heavy chested or not. It might substantiate the reasons 'they' like to do the things 'they' do.

    I personally, like many others, have a fetish related to b******. I appreciate and love them. I don't feel that a pearl necklace is the way to always end s**, but pulling out to finish sometimes just feels better. We've spent years and years masturbating and exploring how doing it to yourself feels the best. That, or 'they' have been watching too much p*** and think real s** is always that way too. There is that ego again. Acting like a p*** star?

    Tell them up front at the beginning that you swallow and that if they mess you up, they clean you up. Could it really be that simple? Guys, its not facial cream. C'mon.

  • To be honest, I LOVE the look of a 'pearl necklace' and my wife really loves to be covered in c**. Sorry, but I can't relate.

  • Sometimes I hold it sure, but a lot of times my hands are on his hips or playing with his b**** and I am just using my mouth. A lot of times he (most guys) just pulls it out on a up stroke, starts jerking himslef like in the stupid p***** so he can shoot it on my my hair...on my b****...whatever. Sometime sthey don't but about half the time they do.

  • I wrote the comment about knowing when he is bout to bust. To answer your question, no. Why is the guys hands down there anyway while you are doing that? You are the one holding it while sucking right? Therefore, you have control of where their d*** is. I mean I am just trying to imagine how a man can "pull it out" of YOUR mouth. . . .I guess I am confused. I know though that most men wouldn't have an objection if you tell them you would like to swallow. . .

  • I love you!

    If she'd let me, I'd leave my wife for you.

  • The icing comment was funny but still I am serious, why do you want to? To th elast comment, I know when they will but if they pull it out to paint my face what do you suggest I do- grab their nuts and say stay?

  • Girl, if you can't tell when your man is bout to bust, you need more practice. . .and btw, you hav control over where you put it when he is about to c**.

  • Wow your a w****

  • ^^Haha, seriously!!

  • ^^^he sounds like the perverted high school girls track coach!!

  • You say guys and say it to the whole audience, like you don't really know who you are s*******.

  • I'd love to let you swallow....I have c** in my wife's face and hair a few times, but she KNEW it was c******.....but, I would do it however you wanted, heck, if you're willing to swallow, my D*** is hard right now, will u take all 8" of my c*** into your mouth and swallow right now??? oooohhhhhhh, BABY, ur so hot!!!! I LOVE U

  • LOL I would kill a n**** if he got c** in my hair. . .s***!

  • You are obviously worthless and simply a piece of meat for your "boyfriends". I never do that to my girlfriend and I wouldn't even think about doing it without her permission.

    Stop giving it up to every a****** and get a little self-respect.

  • because a cupcake is just... bread... without the icing.

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