I pooped in the shower in college.

A few days ago, I was taking a nice hot shower in the communal dorm showers. All of a sudden, I felt the urge to p***. I didn't want to get out and get back in, so I decided to just p*** in the shower. It felt kind of naughty and fun. So I removed the drain cover, positioned my butt over the drain and pooped a big load right into it. I layed about 3 logs and one of them went straight down the drain perfectly. But two of the turds were lying around the drain. I just pushed them down with my foot. The shower smelled pretty funky, but I figured it would go away. I dried off and walked out into the hallway. Outside the door, there was a kid just standing there and giving me a dirty look. I thought: "Oh crap!Does he know?" Maybe the steam from the hot shower made the p*** odor stronger. But he said nothing.
The next day, there was a sign on the bathroom door, written by a janitor, that said: "Whoever is using the showers for a personal toilet, please knock it off! It stinks and its unsanitary, and you will be punished"! I felt really guilty and embarrassed because maintenance had to unclog the drain and bleach the shower. And all the kids were saying that whoever takes a dump in the shower is a nasty pig who should be killed! I always wondered if that kid who gave me a dirty look, knew that I was the one who dropped a deuce in there.

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  • Well to start with Bravo. What I did was something like this but different but the reaction was about the same.
    I had to p*** badly and I hate public toilets but I had to use one this day and I cleaned the toilet seat sat down and started in doing what I had to and I pooped, pooped and pooped some more then wiped myself and got ready to leave took my foot and flushed the toilet. God I plugged it up bad and what made things worst the toilet wouldn't shut off it kept running and by now it started to overflow the bowl water and three of my logs were rolling across the floor and I opened the door went to leave and there stood three guys laughing their a**** off and talk about being embarrassed all I wanted to do was get the h*** out of there and this one guy asked if I needed help getting it to shut off and he tried but no luck so I left. As I walked out there was almost a 1/2 of water all over the floor and three logs rolling about.

  • This is f****** hilarious. Bravo.

  • I totally agree, thanks for the good laugh! :-D

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