Someone please help me

I am a 24 year old female been with my fiance for 4 years now and he hates s**....yes you heard me right hates it he shows no affection at all hugs or kisses we have had s** 2 times in 4 years and I am a very attractive women men crave to be with me I don't believe in cheating but I am seriously dying to be touched so I have decided to start a website and be a w**** online is this wrong of me ??? I just feel so lonely and need attention is this wrong of me? Someone please help I am a preachers daughter and feel so awful about this but it also excites me the attention my body will get


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  • Dump him. You're too young to be in a sexless marriage.

  • A few years ago, someone at Brock University [St. Catharines, Ontario] published a paper defining what at that time was an unheard of sexual orientation. And it makes some sense. Some people desire the opposite s** [heterosexual], some people desire the same s** [homosexual], and some people desire both sexes [bisexual]. Is it really such a stretch that some people would be asexual, meaning that they desire neither s**? It's been suggested that your husband is gay. Perhaps, but he may also not be sufficiently sexual to be in a marital relationship. In that case, the very best you can have is a friendship. That is an hard, hard life. Personally, I would support you in whatever you decide. But decide you will: either you will live with this, or you will not. As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west -- he will not change. NEVER. As a word of consolation, you must understand that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. You are NOT a failure as a wife or as a woman. It's just that being sexual is not true to who he is. Unless of course, he really is gay...

  • Break up with him and find a real man. Cheating on him is not the answer. Live in the real world, not the virtual one. It will be hard at first, but you will be happier after a while.

  • Agree with what the others are saying. Your fiance is gay. It's probably easier for him to marry than to come out. Think about it..are there any gay members of your church? Or what are his parents like? Would they accept him if he was gay? And he probably doesn't hate s**..just s** with a woman. As for you, s** 2 times a year in 4 years is not okay. And especially with a fiance. Find yourself a straight man who wants to be with you. Break up - marriage won't make it better. As for the online thing, that's up to you. It may not be the attention that you're really needing, you just think so right now.

  • Your husband is gay. This is not really the answer. It's your choice but I would just find a new guy, can you live the rest of your life with s** once every 2 years?

  • Find a new man, yours is broken.

  • Your hubby clearly is gay

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