Tip for Constipation

I'm a woman and I share an apartment with my brother (we're both college students). My brother's p*** logs are always huge and solid, so sometimes he gets constipated. One time last year he was constipated. He had read somewhere that when you're constipated, you should p*** lying down, so he tried pooping lying down and it worked. He lay down and spread his legs wide apart in the air (he put his legs on his shoulders). I held his legs in place while he pooped. He grunted really loud each time he was pushing out a log. He also curled his toes while pushing. He farted a lot too. One of his logs was so massive- he grunted so loud while he was pushing it out (he screamed "ohhhhhhh sweet Jesus" while pushing). I was so glad when I saw his p*** hole stretching and the massive log finally coming out. He was so relieved after grunting out all his logs (he said "ohhhhhhh"). He grunted out 5 huge logs. The smell was really nasty.



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  • U must lead a very sad life if u go around looking at ur brothers s****

  • Tip for constipation half cup of car oil

  • I wish u could hear him roaring in the toiled the poor man trying 2 s*** a brick

  • Its no joke he ruptured his hole once

  • I bet u were relieved when he got food poisoning

  • I don't think constipation is something to joke about.

  • This is still weird, for the record.

  • Try giving him magnesium supplements. It's healthier

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