I miss my f*** buddy ... We weren't suppose to catch filling and I didn't! Until she started to catch them for me and then when I let her go I missed her ... We spent everyday f****** before work after , before school between classes.. I thought I wouldn't care but now not a day goes by that I miss her and now I don't wanna f*** around nor talk to no other girl and if I find a girl attractive I think bout her?? I didn't think I'd ever fall in love but I did it has been 8 months now and I've only ran ok her a couple times and when I do I can do anything... I get numb.. but I miss her. I've f***** for a bit more after... Obviously... S** addict.. as sad as it is hearing it .. it's just not good. Yeah different bodies and different s*** to do with but hers was mine. I claimed it and shed make me show it was hwe.. man was she the kind of girl you wanna keep f****** with... And her personality the greatest haha you'd never expect her to be how she is... Never..... Obviously.. cuz I thought I knew hehe

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