I can't seem to love anyone

My wife cheated and left me. It was brutally painful. It still bothers me years later. I've had 2 relationships since she left me. The second relationship I had some of the best times and best s** with. She is in love with me, I like her a lot and wish I could fall in love with her but I can't. I can't find love for anyone, not even this wonderful and very good looking woman who is deeply in love with me. My friend thinks I'm crazy for not wanting to marry her and that I would rather be alone than in any relationship. This woman will do anything for me, I'm not used to that. I think she's a great person but sadly can't find any love in my heart for her. I just don't have any love left inside of me.



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  • Sorry your wife cheated, but not all women cheat. Sounds like you're with a really awesome woman. And you are in love with her, you are just so scared and wounded you have built a wall so you won't get hurt again. No one can tell you what the future holds. Will this woman hurt you? Are you hurting this woman by stringing her along? At some point, she will want more of a commitment. And if she leaves, you may find that she was the love of your life. Life is about taking chances. You will be fine. You need to keep your ex wife in your past and live in the present. It's hard and it hurts. But at some point you have to just close the chapter and move forward. Talk to someone, maybe it will help you.

  • Fuck off below comment - she won't cheat but don't waste her time either!

  • You're making the correct call. This woman may love you unconditionally and be willing to do anything you wish, but she will inevitably cheat on you as well.

  • Please give her to me,don't waste her.

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