My sisters hot friend

So my Sister has this really hot friend and two years ago when she was a senior in high school I had a crush on her. She has the sexiest body and wear the sexiest/sluttiest clothes. And now that she's in college, it's gotten even worse and she turns me on so much. I always have dreams of me and her having s** and it's one my biggest fantasies. There was this one time where it could've happened. My sister wasn't home and they were supposed to hang out. My sister called me and told me she was gonna be a couple of hours cause she was busy. So it was just me and her friend. And her friend had a head ache and asked me for Motrin/Tylenol. I wasn't paying attention and I mixed it up and gave her Tylenol pm. So a couple minutes after she took it she passed out on the couch(the same couch I was sitting on while watching tv).i noticed that she wouldn't wake up.i tried everything-shaking Her,yelling,banging to pots and pans.she wouldn't wake.i noticed she was wearing a tight mini skirt/pencil skirt and heels. I have a big fetish with girls that wear h*****/stripper heels. I was so turned on and I saw up her skirt.she had a nice pink v string on. I didn't want to do anything but I had so many thoughts racing through my head. The things I wanted to do while she was sleeping. I could've just spread her legs apart and ripped her panties off and ate her out for hours. But I didn't want to and I knew it wasn't the right thing. So I just sat there and admired lol

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  • No one will be past out like that from taking teylenol pm. Fken liar. That or she pretended to pass out so you can make a move. Not like she didnt know your sis was out. You are to dumb to know any better.

  • I definitely concur with this statement. She wanted it. Hope you get another chance.

  • What I do is sleepwalk when my sister's hot friends are sleeping over. It is dangerous to wake a sleek walker so crawl into bed beside her and act like you think you are in your own be. Spoon her from behind. When she falls back to sleep, rub your c*** on her ass and gradually work it under her panties and inside her. She will love it because she thinks you wont remember and she gets a good f******.

  • Very very admirable of you. I cannot say I would have done the same. I would have at least taken a few pics so I can whack off to later. Good for you though.

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