Do am i doing right?

T doubt that they have s**. But my boyfriend insist that he never having s** with that gurl for whole 2014.. i saw that pictures Of gurl last december 2014 my boyfriend said that she only gets chubby.. When i saw the picture again last february 2015 my boyfriend said he dont know because he dont care..and lately he said some of his friends told him that gurl was preggy but according to my boyfriend hes not confirm yet how true it is.. I wondered if my boyfriend is lied. It is impossible that he dont know because that gurl was his wife..and sometimes they communicate for their just now i saw a picture of the gurl again and it was a big tummy..i count on it like the gurl was 7mos pregnant.. Now how could i believe that it was not my boyfriend that he was not a father for the gurl 2nd baby??????what could i do? My boyfriend really insist that hes was not having s** with the gurl for whole 2014..they see each other go to malls with their kid go to school for their son activity..i am absolutely exhausted..pls help

May 14, 2015

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  • You don't need help, you need a dictionary.

  • You don't need help, you need a new boyfriend. It hurts but get rid of him.

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